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ASPEL serves several industries and markets, but we predominantly supply products to the automotive industry.

The most important industries, markets and segments we cover at the moment are the following.

Wiper systems

For more than 40 years now, ASPEL produces and supplies wiper system parts. Several wiper systems and designs have been improved thanks to the professional input and support of ASPEL injection molding engineers. You can find ASPEL parts in front and rear wiper applications.

Front & rear wipers

Keys, smart trunk systems, steering, car speakers, airbag, sensors

Driving assistance & safety

Today, the driving assistance & safety segment already makes up for a broad and important industry. At the moment, ASPEL supplies injection molding parts for the following applications: car keys, smart trunk systems, steering, car speakers, airbags, sensors …

The future of autonomous driving will bring us a lot of different and interesting product developments as well.

Electronics & electrification

We all know the automated and smart features in our cars: from automatic belt reminders & body sensing, electric windows, ABS to automated seats. ASPEL supplies a big variety of injection molding parts to these growing electronics and electrification segments.

Belt reminder, body sensing, seat movement, ABS, window lift, seat adjustment, HVAC, sunroof, accelerator pedals

Air conditioning

Climate control systems

Air conditioning was a special feature in premium cars many years ago. Today, nearly every new car is equipped with a basic climate control system. And many climate control solutions worldwide contain ASPEL parts.

Power train & fluid systems

The growing field of electrification in the automotive industry will contribute to diversified power train and fluid management concepts in the future.

Classic technologies, however, will continue to be part of the overall mobility offer. Nowadays, ASPEL supplies injection molding parts for the following applications: alternators, fuel tanks, transmissions, motor fluid transfer systems …

Alternators, Fuel tanks, transmissions, motor fluid transfer systems

Control panels

Interior control systems

With the increasing number of interior components and control features in our cars, ASPEL mainly focuses on supplying non-cosmetic plastic parts to its customers.

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